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Book No. Title Author
335 Asiatic Magnolias in CultivationJohnstone, G.H.
336 Flora and Sylva: A Monthly Review for Lo...Robinson, W.
339 The Genus IrisDykes, William Rickatson
693 Notes on Tulip SpeciesDykes, W.R.
756 The Book of the Garden (2 Vols)McIntosh, Charles
843 The New Practical GardenerAnderson, James
2398Beautiful Flowers and How to Grow Them V...Wright, Horace J & Wright, Walter P
3652Remains of the Prehistoric Age in Englan...Windle, Bertram C. A.
3653Archaeology and False AntiquitiesMunro, Robert
3672An Authentic and Faithful History of the...Curtis, J.
4971 Paxton's Magazine of Botany and Register...Paxton, Joseph
4973Curtis' Botanical Magazine (Volumes XXVI...Curtis, J.
4974Curtis' Botanical Magazine (Volumes XXIX...Curtis, J.
4975Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volumes XXX...Curtis, William
4977Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volumes XXX...Curtis, J.
4978Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volumes XXX...Curtis, J.
4979Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volumes XXX...Curtis, J.
4980Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volumes XXX...Curtis, J.
4981Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volumes XLI...Curtis, J.
4982 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volumes XLV...Curtis, William
4983 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volumes XLV...Curtis, William
4984Curtis' Botanical Magazine (Volume LIV)Curtis, J.
4985Curtis' Botanical Magazine (Volume LV)Curtis, J.
4986Curtis' Botanical Magazine (Volume LVI)Curtis, J.
4987 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volume LVII...Curtis, William
4988Curtis' Botanical Magazine (Volume LVIII...Curtis, J.
4989 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volume LIX)Curtis, William
4990 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volume LX)Curtis, William
4991 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volume LXII...Curtis, William
4992 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volume LXII...Curtis, William
4993 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volume LXIV...Curtis, William
4994 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volume LXV)Curtis, William
4995 Curtis's Botanical Magazine (Volume LXVI...Curtis, William
5527Great Books and Book CollectorsThomas, Alan G.
5582 The Botanic Garden (volume 1)Maund, B.
5597 The Practical Gardener and Modern Hortic...McIntosh, Charles
5604Dictionnaire Icongraphique Des OrchideesCoginaux, Alfred
5690Botanical Magazine Plate 265Curtis
5724Botanical Magazine Plate 266Curtis
5842 Transactions of the Horticultural Societ...Unknown Author
5843 Some English GardensElgood, George S & Jekyll
5898Victorian Publishers Book Bindings in Co...McLean, Ruari
5942More Adventures of RupertUnknown Author
6053The Flower GardenUnknown Author
6073The Flowering Plants Grasses, Sedges and...Pratt, Anne
6274Monarch the Big Bear of TallacThompson Setton, Ernest
6281Great Books and Book CollectorsThomas, Alan G.
6323The Collector's Book of BooksQuayle, Eric
6379Men Books and BirdsHudson, W.H
6578 Fine Bindings - Scott's Waverley Novels ...Scott, Sir Walter
6579 Fine Bindings - Scott's Waverley Novels ...Scott, Sir Walter
6639The Art of Botanical IllustrationRix, Martyn
6932Old English PlateCripps, Wilfred Joseph
7407Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 54Henderson, James
7649Curtis' Botanical Magazine Vol. IIICurtis, William
7650 Curtis' Botanical Magazine Vol. IVCurtis, William
7651 Curtis' Botanical Magazine Vol. XIIICurtis, William
7652 Curtis' Botanical Magazine Vol. XVCurtis, William
7653Curtis' Botanical Magazine Vol. XXIIICurtis, William
7705 The Treasury of Botany: a Popular Dictio...Lindley, John & Moore, Thomas
7779Bibliomania; or Book Madness Volume IIDibdin, Rev. Thomas
7786English Books & Readers 1558 to 1603.Bennett, H. S.
7787Books and Their Makers During the Middle...Putnam, George
7895English Colour BooksHardie, Martin
8195Bomber CommandUnknown Author
8254 Art in NatureRix, Martyn
8306How to Read Old DocumentsMarytin, C. Trice
8811 Floral EmblemsPhillips, Henry
92056 Shire Album Books: Writing Antiques; B...Various
9385 Sheffield Plate Its History, Manuafactur...Newton Veitch, Henry
9393The Plate Collector's GuideMacQuoid, Percy
9394 Antique Sheffield PlateHughes, G. Bernard
9512Onimbo CoversUnknown Author
9621 How to Idenitfy PrintsGascoigne, Bamber
9688 A Child's Garden of VersesStevenson, R Louis
9781My Best Friend; Grandmother's House; Mot...Nister, Ernest
9824Various Southern Railway LeafletsUnknown Author
10232 Gentleman's Magazine (3 Vols: 1809 - 181...Unknown Author
10254 A History of Book IllustrationBland, David
10264 The Restoration Of Leather BindingsMiddleton, Bernard C.
10272 Fine Bird Books 1700 - 1900Sitwell, Sacheverell & Buchanan, Handasy...
10276Simple PeopleMarshall, Archibald
10287 The Jungle Book, the Second Jungle Book,...Kipling, Rudyard
10458James Joyce's Typewriter and Other Stori...Unknown Author
10529The Queen Cookery Books No.2 IcesBeaty-Pownall, S.
10530The Man Who Missed the BusBenson, Stella
10590 Some English GardensElgood, George S & Jekyll
10756Benjamin Fawcett 1808-1893 Finest of the...McLean, Ruari and Antonia
10774The gardeners' Magazine of Botany (3 vol...Moore. Thomas & Ayres, William P
10846Flora Conspicua: A Selection of the Most...Morris, Richard

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