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Book No. Title Author
27Water, the Use of Water in Landscape Arc...Jellicoe, Susan & Geoffrey
289 Gardens of EnglandCook, E.T.
304Wild Flowers and Their Wonderful Ways.Hall, Rev. Charles A.
311 The Garden That I LoveAustin, Alfred
367Victorian Taste: Some Social Aspects of ...Gloag, John
401 The Charm of GardensCalthrop, Dion Clayton
465 GreeceMcLymont, Right Rev. J.A.
474 John PettieHardie, Martin
506Alpine WaysSmythe, F.S.
507Peaks and ValleysSmythe, F.S.
508A Camera in the HillsSmythe, F.S.
594 SurreyHope Moncrieff, A.R.
595 Stained Glass of the Middle Ages in Engl...Arnold, Hugh
596The Charm of GardensCalthrop, Dion Clayton
597 OxfordThomas, Edward
598 OxfordThomas, Edward
599 The Rivers & Streams of EnglandBradley, A.G.
600 Amid the High HillsFraser, Sir Hugh
601 BelgiumOmond, George W.T.
602 RussiaDobson, G & Grove, H.M. & Stewart, H.
603 PompeiiMacKenzie, W.M.
604VeniceMenpes, Dorothy
605 CanadaCampbell, Wilfred
606ItalyFox, Frank
607 Scottish Life and CharacterSanderson, William
608 The Stones of ItalyFormilli, C.T.G.
609 RomeTuker, M.A.R. & Malleson, Hope
610 A Short History of the Church of EnglandKendall, Rev. J.F.
611 YorkshireHome, Gordon
612 KentShore, W. Teignmouth
613 CambridgeTuker, M.A.R.
614 LondonHope Moncrieff, A.R.
615 Birket FosterCundall, H.M.
616 Alpine Flowers and GardensFlemwell, G.
617 Gardens of EnglandCook, E.T.
618 The Garden That I LoveAustin, Alfred
625The Charm of CambridgeRoberts, S.C.
678The AlpsConway, W. Martin
846John PettieHardie, Martin
902A Pocket Book of British TreesBoulton, E. H. B.
1136British Locomotives IllustratedBell, W. J.
1160Railways of the USANock, O S
1366GenevaGribble, Francis
1371Flowers and Their HistoriesCoats, Alice M.
1431Railways of the USANock, O S
1666Railways of the USA, Railways of the Wor...Nock, O.S
1703Historical Steam LocomotivesNock, O S
1716Railways of the USANock, O S
1718Scale Railway Modelling To-dayBeal, Edward
1755Steam Railways in RetrospectNock O.S
1764Historical Steam LocomotivesNock O.S
2003Railways in the British Isles Landscape,...Turnock David
2246British Steam RailwaysNock O.S
2307 Plant LifeHall, Charles A.
2323 SussexBall, Wilfrid
2324 SussexBall, Wilfrid
2328The Sussex LandscapeThompson, W.Harding & Clark, Geoffrey
2422The English LakesUnknown Author
2510Modelling the Old Time RailwaysBeal, Edward
2721Railways in the British Isles Landscape,...Turnock David
2923New Developments in Railway ModellingBeal, Edward
3021Steam Railways in RetrospectNock O.S
3090 Yorkshire Painted & DescribedHome, Gordon
3091 Surrey PaintedPalmer, Sutton
3092 Surrey PaintedPalmer, Sutton
3096Our Italian FrontHardie, Martin
3101 EnglandFox, Frank
3392South Eastern & Chatham and London Brigh...Mitton, G.E.
3393North Eastern & Great NorthernMitton, G.E.
3394South Eastern & Chatham and London Brigh...Mitton, G.E.
3406Underground Railways of the WorldNock O.S
3438Peeps at Nature Wild Flowers and Their W...Hall, Charles A.
3439Peeps at Nature Bird Life of the SeasonsPercival Westell, W
3440British Ferns Club Mosses and HorsetailsFerguson, Daniel
3529York - A Sketch BookUnknown Author
3561The Charm of the Scott CountryBaikie, Rev James
3567The Sussex LandscapeThompson, W.Harding & Clark, Geoffrey
3574The Story of the RoadGregory, J. W.
4654 HampshireWilfrid Ball, R.E
4671Stendhal Scarlet and BlackShaw, Margaret.R.B
4701Queen Anne to Queen Elizabeth IIUnstead, R.J
4790 London Vanished & VanishingNorman, Philip
4791 OxfordThomas, Edward
4792 HollandJungman, Nico
4793 KentShore, W. Teignmouth
4794 The Italian LakesBagot, Richard
4795 RomeMalleson, Hope & Tuker, M.A.R
4796The Channel IslandsCarey, Edith. F
4797 BelgiumOmond, G.W.T
4798 The RivieraScott, W.M
4799KashmirYounghusband, Francise E
4800 SicilyMusson, Soencer. C
4801 London to the NoreWyllie & W.L
4802 Happy EnglandHuish, Marcus B.
4803 ConstantinopleMillinged, Alexander Van
4804 VeniceMenpes, Dorothy
4812 The English LakesPalmer, W.T
4813 YorkshireHome, Gorden
4814 Birds of BritainBonhote, J. Lewis
4815 HampshireVarley, Telford

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