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Book No. Title Author
8Victorian Comfort. A Social History of D...Gloag, John
44Life in the English Country House: A Soc...Girouard, Mark
46The Manor Houses of EnglandDitchfield, P.H.
151Village London - The Story of Greater Lo...Walford, Edward
152Village London - The Story of Greater Lo...Walford, Edward
153Village London - The Story of Greater Lo...Walford, Edward
157London's Natural HistoryFitter, R.S.R.
158Insect Natural HistoryImms, A.D.
159Broad Acres: A Yorkshire MiscellanyBrown, Alfred J.
184A History of the English Speaking People...Churchill, Winston S.
189Life on EarthAttenborough, David
366Life on Earth: a Natural HistoryAttenborough, David
389Life on EarthAttenborough, David
676A History of the English-Speaking People...Churchill, Winston S.
1653A Short History of the Steam EngineDickinson, H.W
1671A Bibliography of British Railway Histor...Ottley, George
1672Railway History Map of BritainUnknown Author
1674Pictorial History of TrainsNock, O S
1722The Railways of Britain Past and PresentNock, O S
1764Historical Steam LocomotivesNock O.S
1776Railway Wonders. The Wonderful Railway E...Allen, Cecil J
1847The North Eastern Railway Its Rise and D...Tomlinson William Weaver
1848The North Eastern Railway Its Rise and D...Tomlinson William Weaver
1849A History of the Southern RailwayMarshall, Dendy
1878History of the Great Western Railway Vol...Macdermot E.T.
1968Railway History of the World Italian Rai...Kalla-Bishop,P.M
2095The Early History of the Railway Locomot...Kinder, R.W
2162Railway HistoryHamilton Ellis C.
2176Parish and Empire Studies and SketchesSimmons Jack
2191History of the Great Western Railway (Vo...Macdermot, E.T and Clinker,C.R
2192History of the Great Western Railway (Vo...Macdermot, E.T
2206The Histroy of the Electric LocomotiveHaut, F.J.G.
2220A Picture History of RailwaysHamilton Ellis C.
2254The History of the Great Northern Railwa...Grinling, Charles.H.
2266Railways in Lancashire A Pictorial Histo...Joy David
2351A Short History of the Steam EngineDickinson, H.W.
2352A Short History to the Steam EngineDickinson, H.W.
2403Tarring a Walk Though Its HistoryDavies Roger
2589British Railway History 1877 - 1947Hamilton Ellis C.
2930Railway HistoryHamilton Ellis C.
2958Transport HistoryUnknown Author
3008The History of the Great Northern Railwa...Grinling, Charles H
3073Our Railway HistoryBucknall, Rixon
3083 The Pictorial History of India from 1784...Malcolm, John
3524History of Railways (48 magazines)Unknown Author
3530Vor Sidste Kamp for SonderjyllandLiljefalk, Axel Og Lutten, Otto
3538The Royal Natural History (6 Volume set)Lydekker, Richard
3548Great Mysteries of the PastUnknown Author
3623An Agreement Between the LMS and the Pre...Unknown Author
4681Universal History of the WorldHammerton, J.A
4697A History of SussexArmstrong, J.R
4810Living London Vol2Sims,George R
4811Living London Vol 3Sims, George R
4950Illustrated Danmarkshistorie for Folket ...Fabricus, A.
5018A Century and a QuarterDobson, C.G
5322Proceedings of the Society of Antiquarie...Unknown Author
5400Our Iron RoadsWilliams, Frederick
5470The Antiquary No.17 New Series May 1891Unknown Author
5495An Historical Guide to the Agra FortHusain, Muhammad
5496A Guide to the Buildings and Gardens of ...Unknown Author
5504Railways Past, Present and FutureFreeman Allen, G.
5860A History of Every Day Things in England...Ellacott, S.E
5861A History of Every Day Things in England...Ellacott, S.E
5872A Natural History of Man in BritainFleure, H.J.
5966Norfolk and SuffolkClarke, W. G.
5967Insects of the British WoodlandsCrystal, R. Neil
6138Seven Pillars of Wisdom (2 Vols)Lawrence, T. E.
6147Greek History for SchoolsEdmonds, C. D.
6150New Lives for OldMead, Margaret
6200Letters to a Young NaturalistKnight, Maxwell
6201Wild Bird AdventuresKearton, Richard
6202Nature - Curious and BeautifulKerr, Richard
6204Buffon's Natural HistoryBuffon
6210A Short History of ChinaBoulger, Demetrius Charles
6217Birds and Mammals of ShetlandVenables, L. S. V. & U. M.
6232The Last Days of PompeiiLytton, Bulwer
6240Wonders of the Past (3 volumes)Hammerton, J.A
6241The History of the BastileDavenport, R. A.
6296OxfordHobhouse, Christopher
6317Mazwell Knight RepliesKnight, Maxwell
6319The Gamekeeper at HomeJefferies, Richard
6327In Search of Ancient ItalyGrimal, Pierre
6527Wandering in Anglo-Saxon BritainWeigall, Arthur
6640The Art of Natural HistoryDance, S. Peter
6642The Pageant of the CenturyUnknown Author
6646 Notes on River Lee and Other PapersCroft, Scott, Vallans
6691A History of SussexArmstrong, J.R
6692Everyman's SussexGilbert, Richard
6694The Sussex Bedside AnthologyGoldsworthy, Margaret
6695 A Compendious History of Sussex (2 Vols)Lower, Mark Anthony
6696Scene in SussexLewis, Ralph
6698Memorials Of Old SussexMundey, Percy D. (ed)
6699SussexWinbolt, S. E.
6702A Book of DartmoorBaring-Gould, S
6715London's Natural HistoryFitter, R.S.R.
6725The Old Churches of LondonCobb, Gerald
6728Years of Victory 1802-1812Bryant, Arthur
6736Knole and the SackvillesSackville-West, V
6797 A Complete History of England (15 Vols)Smollett, Tobias
6834The Peoples of the World (6 Vols)Brown, Robert

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