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Book No. Title Author
41Collecting AntiquesMenzies, William G.
2296The Collectors ManualMoore, Hudson.N
2453Popular Antiques Yearbook Trends and Pri...Mallalieu, Huon
3588English AntiquesSpeck, G. E. & Sutherland, Euan
4678Miller's Antiques Price GuideDavis, Josephine
4708A Treasury of the World Antiques a Style...Livesey, Anthony
4711Dictionary of AntiquesSavage, George
4712Dictionary of AntiquesSavage, George
4714Collins Encyclopaedia of AntiquesPope-Hennessy, James
5742In Search of the AntiqueRohan, Thomas
6149An Encyclopaedia of AntiquesLewis Bond, Harold
6152The Connoisseur: An Illustrated Magazine...Unknown Author
6153The Connoisseur: An Illustrated Magazine...Unknown Author
6235The collectors' Encyclopaedia of Antique...Phillips, Phoebe
6324Chats on Oriental ChinaBlacker, J. F.
6334Antique Collecting 4 Volumes - September...Unknown Author
6356The Lyle Official Antiques ReviewCurtis, Tony
6357Dictionary of AntiquesSavage, George
6358Art and Antiques Yearbook 1979D'argy Smith, Marcelle
6641AntiquesDavis, Frank et al.
6784AntiquesWills, Geoffrey
7471The World of Antique ToysLevitt, Jeffrey
7479 Old English Glasses, an account of Glass...Hartshorne, Albert
7497Discovering AntiquesUnknown Author
8171Antiques and Their Values FurnitureCurtis, Tony
9199Photographica Wednesday 27th June 1984Unknown Author
92056 Shire Album Books: Writing Antiques; B...Various
9411Popular Antiques Yearbook: Trends and Pr...Mallalieu, Huon
10172Christie's Pictorial History of English ...Clayton, Michael
10264 The Restoration Of Leather BindingsMiddleton, Bernard C.
10962Favour of Your Company: Tickets and Invi...Moger, Victoria

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