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Book No. Title Author
185African Art, An IntroductionWillett, Frank
3547Coning's CornwallConing, Geoffrey
3593Summary Illustrated Catalogue of Picture...Unknown Author
3681The Raphael CartoonsUnknown Author
4575Part 1 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4576Part 2 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4577Part 5 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4578Part 6 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4579Part 9 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4580Part 10 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4581Part 11 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4582Part 12 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4583Part 13 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4584Part 14 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4585Part 15 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4586Part 16 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4587Part 17 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4588Part 18 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4589Part 19 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4590Part 20 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4591Part 21 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4592Part 22 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4593Part 23 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4594Part 24 Modern MasterpiecesUnknown Author
4805The Studio an Illustrated Magazine of Fi...Unknown Author
4806The Studio an Illustrated Magazine of Fi...Unknown Author
4807The Studio an Illustrated Magazine of Fi...Unknown Author
4808The Studio an Illustrated Magazine of Fi...Unknown Author
4809The Studio an Illustrated Magazine of Fi...Unknown Author
4831Minoan and Mycenaean ArtHiggins, Reynold
4847Burlington Fine Arts Club Catalogue of a...Unknown Author
4886Aspects of British ArtTurner, W.J
5040Knights of ArtSteedman, Amy
5041Chinese Water ColoursHejzlar, Josef
5042Le LouvreDemonts, Louis
5559Spanish School PlatesUnknown Author
5767The Portrait of an Artist in His Time Wi...Speaight, Robert
5768Looking at PicturesClark, Kenneth
5769100 Details from the pictures in the Nat...Unknown Author
5770A Vision of CanadaDuval, Paul
5802THE GOLDEN CHAINRossiter, Anthony
5804Post Impressionism - Cross - Currents in...Unknown Author
5832Vintage LondonBetjeman, John
6143Creators, Collectors and ConnoisseursVon Holst, Niels
6292The Connoisseur a Magazine for Collector...Unknown Author
6293The Connoisseur a Magazine for Collector...Unknown Author
6294The Connoisseur a Magazine for Collector...Unknown Author
6295The Connoisseur a Magazine for Collector...Unknown Author
6298English Pottery and PorcelainHoney, W.B
6325Italian Gothic SculpturePope-Hennessy, James
6331The Paintings and Drawings of VelazquezVelazquez
6335Apollo Vol XI No. 62 Feb 1930Unknown Author
6336Apollo Vol XI No. 63 March 1930Unknown Author
6337Der HarzUnknown Author
6338Raoul DufyHunter, Sam
6339Augustus John DrawingsBrowse, Lillian
6342Frans Halsmuseum Municipal Art Gallery a...Unknown Author
6343Raphael and the Modern Use of the Classi...Holmes, Sir Charles
6344Dutch ArtWitt, Robert
6345The Work of the Modern Potter in EnglandWingfield Digby, George
6346RaphaelStaley, Edgcumbe
6347The John Hay Whitney CollectionRothenstein, John
6348Sir Henry RaeburnClouston, R. S.
6349A Concise Encyclopaedia of the Italian R...Hale, J. R.
6350The Paintings of MichelangeloGoldscheider, Ludwig
6352The World's Greatest Paintings Volume 1Leman Hare, T.
6507A Dutch School of PaintingS. C. Kaines Smith
6741How to Identify Old PrintsWilder, F. L.
6785Basketry and WeavingOrman, P.
6791PerspectiveVicat Cole, Rex
6795Drawing and Painting Architecture in Lan...Hill, Adrian
6796An Introduction to the Art of Basket-Mak...Okey, Thomas
6925Artist's CountryHolme, C. Geoffrey (ed)
6926ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY. Special Spring n...Holme, Charles
6932Old English PlateCripps, Wilfred Joseph
6934The Connoisseur Magazine Vols 87-89Unknown Author
7064Animal Drawing and AnatomyNoble, Edwin
7131Emile GalléGarner, Philippe
7225Richard Long Sao Paulo Bienal 1994Unknown Author
7562British PaintingGaunt, William
7574Morris Graves Flower PaintingsWolf, Theodore F.
7582Brief Guide to the Chinese EmbroideriesUnknown Author
7603Victorian CraftsMarsh, Tracy
7684 Payne's Book of Art with the Celebrated ...Payne, A. H.
7729The "Ivory Houses" at MycenaeTournavitou, Iphiyenia
7803Masterpieces of Byzantine ArtTalbot Rice, David
7808The Penrose Annual Volume 53Delafons, Allan (ed)
7809The Penrose Annual Volume 57Spencer, Herbert (ed)
7810The Penrose Annual 1974Smith, Bryan (ed)
7811The Penrose Annual Volume 66Smith, Bryan (ed)
7825How to Use Water ColoursCartlidge, S. J.
7857Catalogue of the International Exhibitio...Unknown Author
7862Art at Auction the Year at Sotheby Parke...de Froment, Diana & Lewis, Lynn
7870Scratchboard for IllustrationsLozner, Ruth
7884How to Identify Old PrintsWilder, F. L.
7950Modern Etchings Mezzotints and Dry-Point...Holme, Charles (ed.)
8149north Italian Painters of the Renaissanc...Berenson, Bernhard
8255Medieval Wooden Sculpture in Sweden (5 v...Thordeman, Bengt
8546Celtic Art the Methods of ConstructionBain, George
8559Counted Thread Embroidery on Linens and ...Norbury, James

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