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Book No. Title Author
21Splendours of the EastWheeler, Mortimer
326Ackermann's CambridgeWilliamson, Reginald Ross
494Beautiful LondonPope-Hennessy, James
747Later Victorian CambridgeWinstanley, D.A.
926The Face of London: The Record of a Cent...Clunn, Harold P.
935The Microcosm of LondonRowlandson, T. & Pugin, A. C.
956The London BookHessenberg, Ian (ed.)
1403London OverlookedFletcher, Geoffrey S.
1547The Story of FlorenceGardener, Edmund G.
2287London TriumphantJones, R.Sydney
2440David Gentlemans LondonGentlemans, Davids
2449Cities of DestinyToynbee, Arnold
3435The Three Choirs CitesLittle, Bryan
3581The Story of FlorenceGardner, Edmund G.
4862H.V Morton's LondonUnknown Author
4868The Face of LondonClunn, Harold. P
4881London TriumphantJones, Sydney.R
4925A Traveller in RomeMorton, H.V.
4926London for EverymanKent, William
4938A History of London LifeMitchell, R.J & Leys, M.D.R
5837London Vol 1Knight, Charles
5838London Vol 5Knight, Charles
5839London Vol 4Knight, Charles
5840London Vol 3Knight, Charles
5841London Vol 2Knight, Charles
6924The Pageant of London Vol1Davey, Richard
7254H. V. Morton's LondonMorton, H. V.
7312A Traveller in RomeMorton, H.V.
7319LondonHenrey, Robert
7320LondonSanders, E. M.
7354Son of LondonBurke, Thomas
7441 A New History of EdinburghUnknown Author
7523The Story of RouenCook, Theodore Andrea
7690OxfordLang, Andrew
7694Looking Back on LondonHood, Dorothy
7717Moncalieri Nei SecoliPeyrot, A. & Sineo, G.
7725 Cambridge and Its StoryStubbs, Charles William
7816Our Beautiful Homeland YorkPressly, I. P.
7904H. V. Morton's LondonMorton, H. V.
7905The Call of EnglandMorton, H. V.
7906In the Steps of the MasterMorton, H. V.
7907The Call of EnglandMorton, H. V.
7908The Spell of LondonMorton, H. V.
7909A London YearMorton, H. V.
7923 Canterbury, The Three Choirs Cities, Sal...Various
7959London Night and DayLancaster, Osbert
8161The Stones of Venice (3 volumes)Ruskin, John
8179LondonMorton, H. V.
8180The Nights of LondonMorton, H. V.
8194The Old Towns of EnglandRouse, Clive
8223Mayhew's LondonMayhew, Henry
8302The Fiery Blades of Hallamshire : Sheffi...Hey, David
8309Exploring Urban HistoryPorter, Stephen
8344Above London: Collection of Aerial Photo...Cameron, Robert (editor); Cooke, Alistai...
8380London's Secret HistoryBushell, Peter
8407London the Biography of a CityHibbert, Christopher
8408The Changing MetropolisStamp, Gavin
8643Everybody's Historic London : A History ...Kiek, Jonathan
8769Ackermann's OxfordColvin, H. M.
8857London TriumphantJones, Sydney R
9021The Silent Traveller in LondonYee, Chiang
9241 The City of London - The Times BookUnknown Author
9366 Ricordo Di VeneziaUnknown Author
9421The Book of BathHatton, John
9517Our Beautiful Homeland: Edinburgh, the S...Geddie, John & Eyre-Todd, George
9518Our Beautiful Homeland: York, Ripon and ...Benson, George, Bradley A. G. & Gilchris...
9519Our Beautiful Homeland: Norwich: Shakesp...Jerrold, Walter & Gilchrist, R. Murray
9520Our Beautiful Homeland: Hereford: Cheste...Edwardes, How, F. D. & Morley, George
9521Our Beautiful Homeland: Folkestone and D...Godfrey, Elizabeth; Heath, Sidney; Jerro...
9522Our Beautiful Homeland: The Thames: Wind...Mitton, G. E.; Thomas, Edward; Jerrold, ...
9523Our Beautiful Homeland: Exeter; Heart of...Heath, Sidney & Salmon, Arthur L.
9524Our Beautiful Homeland: Canterbury; Winc...Thomas, Edward; Heath, Sidney & Danks, C...
9661 Cambridge Brief Historical and Descripti...Clark, J. W.
9798London Vols. 1 & 2Knight, Charles (ed.)
9816The Stones of Venice Volume 2Ruskin, John
9897The XVIIIth Century in LondonBeresford Chancellor, E.
9911 The Colour of LondonLoftie, W.J.
10139ParisHurlimann, Martin
10140In and About RomeCoote, Colin R.
10141Le Keux's Engravings of Victorian Cambri...Le Keux, John
10147CairoAldridge, James
10191The City of GenoaCarden, Robert W.
10245People and Cities: Report of the 1963 Lo...Unknown Author
10426RochesterSmith, Frederick Francis
10739The Victorian City - Images and Realitie...Dyos, H. J.; Wolff, Michael
10794Knight's Cyclopaedia of LondonUnknown Author
10878Introduction to Urban Historical Geograp...Carter, H.
10961Dundee : A Voyage of DiscoveryOgilvy, Graham (ed.)

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