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Book No. Title Author
251The Adventures of a Black Girl in Her Se...Shaw, George Bernard
270Down the Garden PathNichols, Beverley
370Seal MorningFarre, Rowena
372Sea WarfareKipling, Rudyard
440Down the Garden PathNichols, Beverley
727Katherine ChristainWalpole, Hugh
728Where Eagles DareMacLean, Alistair
729The Book and the BrotherhoodMurdoch, Iris
730An Episode of SparrowsGodden, Rumer
732All the Year Round. A Weekly Journal. Vo...Dickens, Charles
744Attack AlarmInnes, Hammond
746The House on the StrandDu Maurier, Daphne
780Dead LionBonnet, John and Emery
781BogiesBelben, Rosalind
782Campbell's KingdomInnes, Hammond
797Doctor at SeaGordon, Richard
798The Captain's TableGordon, Richard
800Parish the HealerBarbanell, Maurice
802Lovely is the LeeGibbings, Robert
811The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her ...Shaw, George Bernard
1373 The Water BabiesKingsley, Charles
1544Thanks to JenningsBuckeridge, Anthony
1550Revue: a Story in PicturesMander, Raymond & Mitchenson, Joe
1551The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crus...De Foe, Daniel
3432The Old and Le Hibou et the Pussy-cat La...Steegmuller, Francis
3444The Canterbury TalesChaucer, Geoffrey
3455CivilisationClark, Kenneth
3543Wee Willie Winkie, Under the Deodars, th...Kipling, Rudyard
3550The Men and the GirlsTrollope, Joanna
3554Evening ClassBinchy, Maeve
3579The Publication of Landor's WorksSuper, R. H.
3601The Devil's AlternativeForsyth, Frederick
3602There is No ArmourSpring, Howard
3603SheHaggard, H. Rider
3604And Tell of TimeKrey, Laura
3605The Bear GardenGorell, Elizabeth
3625Edmund Dulac's Fairy-BookDulac, Edmund
3649Forgotten Tales of Long AgoLucas, E.V
3650Peter Pan and WendyBarrie, J. M.
3658Point Counter PointHuxley, Aldous
3660Little DorritDickens, Charles
3661Nicholas NicklebyDickens, Charles
3662Our Mutual FriendDickens, Charles
3663A Tale of Two CitiesDickens, Charles
3664The Personal History of David Copperfiel...Dickens, Charles
3665Dombey & SonDickens, Charles
3666Nicholas NicklebyDickens, Charles
3667The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzl...Dickens, Charles
3668The Old Curiosity ShopDickens, Charles
3669Sketches By BozDickens, Charles
3670Barnaby RudgeDickens, Charles
3671The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Cl...Dickens, Charles
3678The DeerslayerFenimore Cooper, J.
3679Jo's BoysAlcott, Louisa M.
3680A Sunset TouchSpring, Howard
4949RivalerneSwinnerton, Frank
5520My Five TigersAlexander, Lloyd
5691Battle Flag - the New Novel in the Starb...Cornwell, Bernard
5859A Christmas Carol in ProseDickens, Charles
5947Berry and Co.Yates, Dornford
5948The House That Berry BuiltYates, Dornford
5949Jonah and Co.Yates, Dornford
5950The Courts of IdlenessYates, Dornford
5951The Brother of DaphneYates, Dornford
5952The Strode VenturerInnes, Hammond
5954B-Berry and I Look BackYates, Dornford
5955The Magic ArmyThomas, Leslie
5956The King's DaughterPansy
6003Reflections in a MirrorMorgan, Charles
6004The Judge's StoryMorgan, Charles
6012Coming Down the WyeGibbings, Robert
6013The Heroes or Greek Fairy Tales for My C...Kingsley, Charles
6026Till I End My SongGibbings, Robert
6031A Certain Monsieur BlotDaninois, Pierre
6036Oliver TwistDickens, Charles
6041A many-Splendoured ThingSuyin, Han
6042Elephant BillWilliams, J. H.
6043The School in the WoodInce, Richard
6045Brensham VillageMoore, John
6047Sinuhe the EgyptianWaltari, Mika
6048The Great Ship and Rabelais RepliesLinklater, Eric
6055Little Lord FauntleroyHodgson Burnett, Frances
6061The Swiss Family RobinsonManvell, Roger (ed)
6062Trial By TerrorGallico, Paul
6064The Rape of the LocksMurray, Gilbert
6066ImmenseeStorm, Theodore W.
6070Portrait in a MirrorMorgan, Charles
6072Anna KareninaTolstoy, Leo
6076On the Shores of the InfiniteStuart, Mrs G.
6078A Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManJoyce, James
6084Lanterns and LancesThurber, James
6087Sunlight on a Broken ColumnHosain, Attia
6095Ballads and TalesThackeray, W. M.
6096BurlesquesThackeray, W. M.
6097The Four Georges. The English HumouristsThackeray, W. M.
6098The Paris Sketch Book of Mr M. A. Titmar...Thackeray, W. M.
6099Roundabout PapersThackeray, W. M.
6100The Book of Snobs and Sketches and Trave...Thackeray, W. M.
6102Denis Duval: Loval the Widower and Other...Thackeray, W. M.
6103The Christmas Books of Mr M. A. TitmarshThackeray, W. M.

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