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Book No. Title Author
792Best Cartoons from AbroadLariar, Lawrence & Roth, Ben
3532How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers a...Williams Wood, Robert
3549Peter Arno's ParadeUnknown Author
3571Punch Volume 93Unknown Author
3640Fourth Leaders from the Times 1949Unknown Author
5910Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Car...Unknown Author
5964Yes Minister Volume 1 and 2Lynn, Jonathan and Jay, Anthony
6116 Pictures from Punch (Volumes I - VI)Unknown Author
6285Methuen's Library of Humour A A MilneMilne, A. A.
6871Daily Mail Nipper Annual 1938Unknown Author
7223Humor in Der ThierweltCh.Gr, Th.Th.Heine, A.Hengeler, A.Ober...
7283Humorous Tales from 'blackwood'Unknown Author
7284You Have Been WarnedFougasse & McCulloch
7552How to Make a Garden GrowRobinson, Heath & Browne, K. R. G.
7691 Follies of the YearLeech, John
7832The History of "Punch"Speilmann, M. H.
7882Political CaricaturesGould, F. Carruthers
7936Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Car...Unknown Author
7937Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Car...Giles
7938Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Car...Giles
7939Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Car...Giles
8790Yes Prime Minister Volume 1Lynn, Jonathan and Jay, Anthony
8800Sloane's Inside Guide to Sex & Drugs & R...Sloane, Henry
8803Darwin Was Right!Langley, Nina Soctt & A. W. B.
9135My middle East CampaignsRobb, Brian
9780 Punch Vol CVI and CVIIUnknown Author
9904 The Comic History of England (2 vols)A'Beckett, Gilbert A.
10026Daily Mail Nipper Annual 1936Unknown Author
10027Daily Mail Nipper Annual 1937Unknown Author
10028Daily Mail Nipper Annual 1938Unknown Author
10029Daily Mail Nipper Annual 1939Unknown Author
10076The Scum Uppermost When the Middlesex Po...Huddesford, George
10150 The Humour of IrelandO'Donoghue, D. J.
10165This EnglandLOW
10173The Cartoon History of BritainWynn Jones, Michael
10182Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper: An En...Hart-Davis, Adam
10250 The Tomohawk: A Saturday Journal of Sati...A Beckett, Arthur (ed.)
10276Simple PeopleMarshall, Archibald
10518 The Festival of Punch 1851 1951Unknown Author

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