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Book No. Title Author
632Sussex Industrial Archaeology: a Field G...Austen, Brian & Cox, Don & Upton, John
702Surrey Archaeological Collections Vol. X...Unknown Author
703Surrey Archaeological Collections Vol. X...Unknown Author
704Surrey Archaeological Collections Volume...Unknown Author
705Surrey Archaeological Collections Volume...Unknown Author
706Surrey Archaeological Collections Volume...Unknown Author
707Surrey Archaeological Collections Volume...Unknown Author
709Proceedings of the Society of Antiquarie...Unknown Author
764The Heritage of HellenismFerguson, John
767The Greek Bronze AgeHiggins, Reynold
769Handbook of Greek PotteryFolsom, Robert S.
770The Parthenon FriezeHaynes, D.E.L.
772Greek BronzesMurray, A.S.
773A Guide to the Department of Greek and R...Smith, Arthur H.
774Roman Archaeology and ArtRichmond, Sir Ian
775Sicily: An Archaeological GuideGuido, Margaret
776Southern Italy: An Archaeological GuideGuido, Margaret
777Trajan's Column and the Dacian WarsRossi, Lino
778The Roman Empire and Its NeighboursMillar, Fergus
779A Time in RomeBowen, Elizabeth
783Greek ArtChittenden, Jaqueline & Seltman, Charles
784Two summers' Work in Pueblo RuinsFewkes, Jesse Walter
785Marbles and Bronzes: 50 Plates from Sele...Smith, A.H.
803Transactions of the Ancient Monuments So...Honeybourne, Majorie B.
871Sussex Archaeological Collections and Su...Holmes, Grace
1360The Archaeology of RailwaysRansom, P J
2295Reports of the Research Committee of the...Kenyon, M.Kathleen
2315The Archaeology of SussexCurwen, E.Cecil
2640The Archaeology of RailwaysRansom, P J
2863Industrial Archaeology (All 3 areas)Unknown Author
3576The Archaeology of SussexCurwen, E Cecil
3652Remains of the Prehistoric Age in Englan...Windle, Bertram C. A.
3653Archaeology and False AntiquitiesMunro, Robert
3655 Archaeology in England and Wales 1914 - ...Kendrick, T D & Hawkes, C F C
3675Prehistoric ArtPowell, T. G. E.
3676Greek SculptureBarron, John
5579The London Archaeologist (Winter 1976 - ...Unknown Author
5798Peoples of Antiquity Vol2Vesme, Caesar
6145The Pleasures of ArchaeologyMeyer, Karl E.
6228A Guide to the Antiquities of the Bronze...Read, Charles H.
6240Wonders of the Past (3 volumes)Hammerton, J.A
6327In Search of Ancient ItalyGrimal, Pierre
6631Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol XL...Unknown Author
6632Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol LX...Unknown Author
6633Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol LX...Unknown Author
6634Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol LX...Unknown Author
6635Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol LX...Unknown Author
6695 A Compendious History of Sussex (2 Vols)Lower, Mark Anthony
6827Sussex Industrial Archaeology: a Field G...Austen, Brian & Cox, Don & Upton, John
6877As I Seem to RememberWooley, Sir Leonard
6939The Plains of CamdebooPalmer, Eve
7212Roman FolkestoneWinbolt, S. E.
7511The Archaeology of SussexCurwen, E.Cecil
7632On the Funeral Effigies of the Kings and...St John Hope, W. H.
7660Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol IUnknown Author
7667Monumenta Antiqua; or the Stone Monument...Weaver, R.
7678A Lost Roman RoadBerry, Bernard
7689With a Spade on Stane StreetWinbolt, S. E.
7712The Archaeology of the Montgomeryshire C...Hughes, G. Bernard
7729The "Ivory Houses" at MycenaeTournavitou, Iphiyenia
7805The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural...Unknown Author
7967Wivelsfield (2 Vols.)Attree, Captain F. W. T.
7989Sussex Archaeological Collections Volume...Unknown Author
8087Journal of the Mid-Sussex Archaeological...Unknown Author
8127Guide to the Underground Passages in Exe...Unknown Author
8166 Proceedings of the Leatherhead and Distr...Benger, F. B. (ed.)
8226A Compendious History of Sussex Volume I...Lower, Mark Anthony
8476Wales: An Archaeological GuideHoulder, Christopher
8486The Archaeology of CretePendlebury, J. D. S.
8490Egyptian MythologyAmes, Delano (trans)
8742Sussex Archaeological Collections Volume...Unknown Author
8743Sussex Archaeological Collections Volume...Unknown Author
8749Anglo Saxon EnglandStenton, F.M.
8750From Doomsday Book to Magna Carta, 1087-...Poole, Austin L.
8847Byways in British ArchaeologyJohnson, Walter
8897Prehistoric SussexCurwen, E. Cecil
9022The Ancient Burial-Mounds of EnglandGrinsell, L. V.
9406Industrial Archeology in BritainBuchanan, R. A.
9438 Views and Remains of Ancient Buildings i...Duborg, M.
9440The Sphinx and the MegalithsIvimy, John
9722Sussex Archaeological Collections Relati...Unknown Author
9752Sussex Archaeological Collections Relati...Unknown Author
9753Sussex Archaeological Collections Relati...Unknown Author
9754Sussex Archaeological Collections Relati...Unknown Author
9758Sussex Notes and Queries (Volume V - 193...Holgate, Mary S.
9915The Ancient Monuments of RomePignatorre, Theodore
10091Preserving the PastChamberlin, E.R.
10387Woolwich District Antiquarian Society An...Unknown Author
10609Industrial ArchaeologyVarious
10930Church Bells of Sussex Sussex Archaeolog...Unknown Author
10931Church Bells of Sussex Sussex Archaeolog...Unknown Author

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