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Book No. Title Author
19Cities of DestinyToynbee, Arnold
44Life in the English Country House: A Soc...Girouard, Mark
45The Growth of the English House: A Short...Gotch, J. Alfred
49Old Crosses and LychgatesVallance, Aymer
50Old Cottages, Farm Houses, and Other Sto...Galsworthy Davie, W & Dawber, E Guy
155Sacheverell Sitwell's EnglandRaeburn, Michael
258The Seven Lamps of architecture. Lecture...Ruskin, John
352A History of English Brickwork: With Exa...Lloyd, Nathaniel
367Victorian Taste: Some Social Aspects of ...Gloag, John
369The Age of WrenDutton, Ralph
498Edwardian Architecture, a Biographical D...Gray, A. Stuart
576Local Style in English ArchitectureDinham Atkinson, Thomas
592Outline of English Architecture: An Acco...Gardner, Arthur
654English Parish ChurchesHutton, Graham
723The Cathedrals of EnglandBatsford, Harry & Fry, Charles
735Queen's Hall 1893-1941Elkin, Robert
812 The Life of Sir Edwin LutyensHussey, Christopher
813The Work of Ernest Newton, R.A.Blomfield, Reginald :Newton,William
833 A History of the English House from Prim...Lloyd, Nathaniel
849Motopia: a Study in the Evolution of Urb...Jellicoe, Geoffery
869The World's Greatest BridgesShirley-smith, H.
1364Cities of DestinyToynbee, Arnold
1369English Windmills: Volume 1Batten, M. I.
1372Windmills in EnglandWailes, Rex
1621A Pictorial Record of Great Western Arch...Vaughan, A.
2280CathedralsPole, Felix
2281CastlesOman, Charles
2284Local Style in English ArchitectureAtkinson, T.D.
2288The Leaf and the TreeHolden, A.N
2289English WindmillsBatten, M.I
2290English Windmills Vol 2Smith, Donald
2434The Stones of ScotlandScott-Moncrieff, George
2435The Architecture of BritainYarwood, Doreen
2437The Publications of the Harleian SocietyChester, Lemuel. Joseph
2441Treasures of ChinaJuliano, Annette
2443The Cathedrals of BritainEdwards, L. David
2444Art NoveauTaschen, Benedikt
2445HRH the Prince of Wales A Vision of Brit...Unknown Author
2446Kostbarkeiten Aus Technischen SammlungenUnknown Author
2449Cities of DestinyToynbee, Arnold
2734Railway Styles in BuildingBowers, Michael
2750Railway ArchitectureBinney, Marcus & Pearce, David (ed
2761Railway ArchitectureBinney, Marcus & Pearce, David (ed
2782The British Railway StationSpence, Jeoffrey & Biddle, G.
2956Railway Architecture of the South EastSymes, Rodney & Cole, David
3542Elementary Building Construction and Dra...Burrell, Edward J.
4574A Tradition of Excellence 1960-1985Unknown Author
4644Stuart and Georgian Churches Outside Lon...Whiffen, Marcus
4646English Church Monuments 1510 - 1840Esdaile, Katharine A
4665Early Islamic Architecture of the DesertUnknown Author
4997Nineteenth Century Architecture in Brita...Turnor, Reginald
5010Old Cottage and Domestic Architecture So...Nevill, Ralph
5024Railway Stations ArchitectureLloyd, David & Insall, Donald
5190English Church Monuments 1510 - 1840Esdaile, Katharine A
5805Outline of English ArchitectureGardner, A.H
5817Follies and Pleasure PavilionsJackson-Stops, Gervase
5965Seaside ArchitectureLindley, Kenneth
6068Edwin Lutyens Architect LaureateGradidge, Roderick
6378The English Vision the Picturesque in Ar...Watkin, David
6387Beastly BuildingsLambton, Lucinda
6388Traditional Houses in BaghdadWarren, John & Fethi, Ihsan
6425Reinforced Concrete ChimneysTaylor, Percy. C
6723The Cathedrals of EnglandBatsford, Harry & Fry, Charles
6731Rebuilding EdinburghUnknown Author
6737Windmills of EnglandBrown, R. J.
67641851 and the Crystal PalaceHobhouse, Christopher
6765English Architecture at a GlanceChatterton, Frederick
6773The Book of BridgesHayden, Martin
6781Architectural Building Construction (2 V...Jaggard, Walter R. & Drury, Francis E.
6795Drawing and Painting Architecture in Lan...Hill, Adrian
6798A History of English Brickwork: With Exa...Lloyd, Nathaniel
6922The Village Homes of EnglandHolme, Charles
6986Georgian LondonSummerson, John
7182modern Housing EstatesGale, Stanley
7439The Pattern of English BuildingClifton-Taylor, Alec
7443 Old Cottages and Farmhouses in Kent and ...Dawber, E. Guy
7503Shire Album 10 Old Farm BuildingsHarvey, Nigel
7536Structural Steel HandbooksVarious
7624English Church Monuments 1510 - 1840Esdaile, Katharine A
7729The "Ivory Houses" at MycenaeTournavitou, Iphiyenia
7925 Art in England During the Elizabethan An...Vallance, Aymer
7959London Night and DayLancaster, Osbert
8078Art in England During the Elizabethan An...Vallance, Aymer
8197English Parish ChurchesHutton, Graham
8278 English Country Houses Baroque 1685 - 17...Lees-Milne, James
8279 English Country Houses Early Georgian 17...Hussey, Christopher
8280 English Country Houses Caroline 1625 - 1...Hill, Oliver; Cornforth, John
8281 English Country Houses 3 Vol 903/1200 Li...Hussey, Christopher
8296The Work of Robert AdamBeard, Geoffrey
8298London : The Art of Georgian BuildingCruickshank, Dan & Wyld, Peter
8299PalladioWundram, Manfred
8300The Unromantic CastleSummerson, John
8301The Unromantic CastleSummerson, John
8303Timber Building in BritainBrunskill, Ronald W.
8321The English Country CottageBrown, R. J.
8322Windmills of EnglandBrown, R. J.
8323English FarmhousesBrown, R. J.
8324 Upwards of One Hundred and Fifty New Des...Swan, Abraham
8325 The Builder's CompanionPain, William
8326 The Modern Builder's AssistantHalfpenny, William & John, Morris, Rober...

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