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Book No. Title Author
2169The Model Railway Handbook A Practical G...Bassett-Lowe W.J.
2233Model Railway and Engineering CatalogueUnknown Author
2234Bassett-Lowke Gauge 00 Scale Model Railw...Unknown Author
2527Bassett-Lowe, W.JThe Model Railway Handbook
2528The Model Railway Handbook 1950 Fifteent...Bassett-lowke W.J.
2529The Model Railway HandbookBassett-Lowe W.J.
2530The Model Railway Handbook 1947 Thirteen...Bassett-lowke W.J.
2784The Model Railway Handbook (12th edition...Bassett-Lowe W.J.
5090Steam Locomotives, Stationary Engines an...Unknown Author
5091Model RailwaysUnknown Author
5093The Model Railway HandbookUnknown Author
5094Model RailwaysUnknown Author
5095Model RailwaysUnknown Author
5096Building a Gauge "0" Bassett-Lowke 2-6-0...Unknown Author
5097Scale Model RailwaysUnknown Author
5098Scale Models 1922 Bassett-Lowke Section ...Unknown Author
5099The Model Railway Handbook Eleventh Edit...Bassett-lowke W.J.
5100 Scale Model EnginesSection B 1934 with T...Unknown Author
5106Gauge 'O' Scale Model RailwaysUnknown Author
5107Model RailwaysUnknown Author
5108Gauge 'O' Scale Model RailwaysUnknown Author
5207Gauge '0' Scale Model Railways Autumn 19...Unknown Author
5208Gauge 'O' Model Railways 1952Unknown Author
5209Model Railways 1959-60Unknown Author
5210Model Ships Feb 1936Unknown Author
5211LocomotivesBassett-Lowke W.J.
5212Marvellous ModelsBassett-lowke W.J.
5213The Model Railway Handbook 1948 Fourteen...Bassett-lowke W.J.
5214The Model Railway Handbook 1950 Fifteent...Bassett-lowke W.J.
9743Model RailwaysUnknown Author
9744Model RailwaysUnknown Author
9745Model RailwaysUnknown Author
9803basset-Lowke Gauge 'o' Scale Model Railw...Unknown Author
10753Model Railway and Engineering CatalogueUnknown Author

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