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Book No. Title Author
260Narrow BoatRolt, L T C
261The Panama Canal: A history and Descript...Saxon Mills, J.
262London's Lost Route to the Sea: An Histo...Vine, P.A.L.
263British Canals, an Illustrated HistoryHadfield, Charles
264The Archaeology of the Montgomeryshire C...Hughes, Stephen
269The Oxford CanalCompton, Hugh J.
473West Sussex WaterwaysVine, P.A.L.
2457Hampshire WaterwaysVine, P.A.L.
2928London's Lost Route to MidhurstVine, P.A.L.
3081Bradshaw's Canals and Navigable Rivers o...Rodolph De Salis, Henry
5204 The Illustrated London News: Volume 15 J...ILN
5205 The Illustrated London News: Volume 10 J...ILN
5206 The Illustrated London News: Volume 13 J...ILN
5394The Story of TelfordGibb, Sir Alexander
5930Waterways HeritageSmith, Peter
5968International River and Canal TransportOsborne Mance, Brig. Gen Sir
5970World CanalsHadfield, Charles
5971Narrow BoatRolt, L T C
5973The Thames from Mouth to SourceRolt L.T.C.
5984Bye Laws of Wey Navigation, Arun Navigat...Unknown Author
5987The Oxford CanalCompton, Hugh J.
5988The Story of TelfordGibb, Sir Alexander
5989The Oxford CanalCompton, Hugh J.
5990The Oxford CanalCompton, Hugh J.
5992Canal ManiaBurton, Anthony
5993The "Flower of Gloster"Temple Thurston, E.
5995London to Portsmouth WaterwayVine, P.A.L.
5996The Nutbrook Canal: DerbyshireStevenson, Peter
5997The Grand Canal of IrelandDelany, Ruth; Delaney
6211 The Illustrated London News: Volume 12 J...ILN
6576Canals in ColourBurton, Anthony
7259Broad CanalsGagg. John
7260Broad CanalsGagg. John
7261Broad CanalsGagg. John
7484Landscape with CanalsRolt, L T C
7519The Wey-south PathUnknown Author
7573Canals of EnglandMarix Evans, Martin
7692The Thames from Mouth to SourceRolt L.T.C.
7712The Archaeology of the Montgomeryshire C...Hughes, G. Bernard
8190Claytons of OldburyFaulkner, Alan H.
8191FMCFaulkner, Alan H.
8366Royal Military Canal (Inland Waterways H...Vine, Paul A.
8517 The Illustrated London News: Volume 22 J...ILN
8849Priestly's Navigable Rivers and CanalsPriestly, Joseph
9249 Roads and Railroads, Vehicles and Modes ...Unknown Author
9623Lock Keeper's Daughterwarner, Pat
9652Anderton Boat Lift, TheCarden, David
9653Scotland's Millennium Canals: The Surviv...Hutton, Guthrie
9783 The Canals of EnglandDe Maré, Eric
9852 Returns Made to the Board of Trade in Pu...Unknown Author
10114London's Canal the History of the Regent...Spencer, Herbert
10388The Ellesmere and Llangollen CanalWilson, E. A.
10402The Anderton Boat LiftCarden, David
10447Your Book of WaterwaysMare, Eric. De
10454CanalBurton, Anthony
10545From Sea to Sea: The Canal Du MidiRolt, L. T. C.
10546From Sea to Sea: The Canal Du MidiRolt, L. T. C.
10549Landscape with CanalsRolt, L T C
10554 Narrow BoatRolt, L T C
10565 Green and SilverRolt, L T C
10596 The Flower of GlosterTemple Thurston, E.
10597Canals Revived: The Story of the Waterwa...Squires, Roger W.
10607Canal People: Photographs of Robert Long...Rolt, Sonia
10608Inland WaterwaysRolt L.T.C.
10713Rivers and Canals (Volume II - Canals)Vernon-Harcourt, Leveson Francis
10738The Grand Junction CanalFaulkner, Alan H.
10742Narrow BoatRolt, L T C
10755The Illustrated London News: Volume 7 Ju...ILN
10757The Complete Book of Canal & River Navig...Paget-Tomlinson, Edward
10915James BrindleyMeynell, Laurence

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