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Book No. Title Author
8Victorian Comfort. A Social History of D...Gloag, John
28Japanese Gardens, Right Angle and Natura...Nitschke, Günte
209Gardening Guides: BordersHobhouse, Penelope
210Creating Period GardensBanks, Elizabeth
215Wood and Garden: Notes and Thoughts, Pra...Jekyll, Gertrude
216Colour Schemes for the Flower GardenJekyll, Gertrude
229My Garden's Choice of Rock Plants, Trees...Stephens, Theo A. & Johnson, A.T.
245The Modern GardenTaylor, Geoffrey
249Colour Planning of the GardenTinley, George F.
254The Rock Garden and Alpine PlantsPhillips, G.A.R.
331When I Make a Garden.Hancock, Ralph
334Art of the Formal GardenVan Der Horst, Arend Jan
340Flower Grouping in English, Scotch and I...Waterfield, Margaret
342The Renaissance Garden in EnglandStrong, Roy
367Victorian Taste: Some Social Aspects of ...Gloag, John
396Landscape Gardening: Planning - Construc...Sudell, Richard
397Garden Making By ExampleTaylor, Geoffrey
407Rock Gardens and Alpine Plants Including...Sanders, T.W.
411The Herbaceous GardenMartineau, Alice
426The Landscaped Rock and Water GardenOrme, Frank. W.
427Wall and Water Gardens with Chapters on ...Jekyll, Gertrude
1511Railway Design Since 1830 (Volume 2)Haresnape, Brian
1540Living Under GlassTresidder, Jane & Cliff, Stafford
2196Railway Design Since 1830Haresnape, Brian
3117Eighteenth-Century DecorationSmith, Charles Samumarez
3249Railway Design Since 1830Haresnape, Brian
4568Concrete Mix DesignMcIntosh, J D
4569Theory and Problems of MaterialsJR, Ayres, Frank
4574A Tradition of Excellence 1960-1985Unknown Author
5492Electric WindersBroughton, H. H.
5551'OO' Gauge Layout and DesignCarter, E. F.
5899Glasshouses and Winter Gardens of the Ni...Koppelkamm, Stefan
6377A View from a WindowAngel, Heather
6378The English Vision the Picturesque in Ar...Watkin, David
6949Gertrude Jekyll a MemoirJekyll, Francis
7588Patios and PoolsUnknown Author
7644Wood and Garden: Notes and Thoughts, Pra...Jekyll, Gertrude
7886The English Country ChairSparkes, Ivan
7895English Colour BooksHardie, Martin
8291 The Inspiration of the Past : Country Ho...Cornforth, John
8399A History of Design in Painted GlassWestlake, N. H. J.
8555Terence Conran's FranceConran, Terence
8557DiagramsLockwood, Arthur
8856Georgian Grace a Social History of Desig...Gloag, John
8915Glass & MetalwareChapter, Joey (ed.)
9018WedgwoodMankowitz, Wolf
9187Drawing and Design February 1923Unknown Author
9191Investing in SilverDelieb, Eric
9192SilverHolland, Margaret
9321 Silk RoadFranck, Irene M.; Brownstone, David M.
9335 The Eighteenth Century English Furniture...Whittington, S.; Claxton Stevens, C.
9628 Guide Methodique Pour L'enseignement Du ...Unknown Author
9634 The Flower Grower's Guide (6 vols)Wright, John
9906Exterior DesignStephenson, Henry and Lilian
9919Woodcarving and DesignMiller, Lynn
9943Garden Ornament: Five Hundred Years of N...Plumptre, George
10097Fashion DrawingMarshall, Francis
10122Exhibition DesignBlack, Misha
10185Outdoor Design: A Handbook for the Archi...Marlowe, Olwen C.
10190Notes on the Use of B.S. 153: 3A (1954) ...Hardy Young, J.
10294Intarsia and MarquetryHamilton Jackson, F.
10527 How to Lay Out a GardenKemp, Edward
10591 Spanish GardensVilliers-Stuart, C. M.
10643Garden Ornament: Five Hundred Years of N...Plumptre, George
10645Edwardian Garden, TheOttewill, David
10651Lady with Green Fingers: The Life of Jan...Howe, Bea
10656Gardens of China 1949 and Europe 1950 (B...Sirén, Oswald
10661The Gardens of William and MaryJacques, David; Allan, Helen; Van Der Ho...
10662Garden and GroveHunt, Peter
10664English Landscaping and Literature 1600-...Malins, Edward
10665Loudon and the Landscape: From Country S...Simo, Melanie Louise
10666Georgian Gardens: The Reign of NatureJacques, David
10692British Railway Track Design, Constructi...Hamnett, R. A.
10725The Picturesque Garden and Its Influence...Pevsner, Nikolaus
10726The Islamic GardenElizabeth MacDougall, Richard Ettinghaus...
10727The Gardens of JapanHarada, Jiro
10743Garden Craft in EuropeTriggs, H.Inigo
10761Wood and Garden: Notes and Thoughts, Pra...Jekyll, Gertrude
10762Garden Design of TodayCane, Percy S.
10764The Art & Craft of Garden MakingMawson, Thomas H.
10770Mazes and LabyrinthsMatthews, W. H.
10771Garden Design and architect's GardensRobinson, W.
10779The Landscape Gardening and Landscape Ar...Repton, Humphry
10780On the Making of GardensSitwell, Sir George
10782The Gardens of Italy (2 vols)Phillipps, E. March
10792Humphry ReptonStroud, Dorothy
10913Gertrude Jekyll a MemoirJekyll, Francis
10921A History of Garden DesignClifford, Derek
10932Garden Design and architect's GardensRobinson, W.
10959Landscape Gardening: Planning - Construc...Sudell, Richard
10965The Ideal GardenThomas, H. H.
10983Miss Gertrude Jekyll 1843-1932 : Gardene...Jekyll, Gertrude
10985A View from a WindowAngel, Heather
10993Landscape & Garden Summer 1939 Vol VI No...Sudell, Richard (ed.)
10994Landscape & Garden Winter 1938 Vol V No....Sudell, Richard (ed.)

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