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Book No. Title Author
503The Story of English FurniturePrice, Bernard
911Hille - 75 Years of British FurnitureUnknown Author
1538Laura Ashley WindowsWilhide, Elizabeth
2453Popular Antiques Yearbook Trends and Pri...Mallalieu, Huon
2461English FurnitureRogers, C. John
2462A History of the English Furniture in Fo...MacQuoid, Percy
2463A History of the English Furniture in Fo...MacQuoid, Percy
2464English Domestic ClocksUnknown Author
2465 The Decoration and Furniture of English ...Lenygon, Francis
2466 A History of English Furniture The Age o...MacQuoid, Percy
2467 The Dictionary of English Furniture Vol ...MacQuoid, Percy & Edwards, Ralph
3578Chats on Old FurnitureHayden, Arthur
4700Sotheby's Belgravia Oriental Ceramics, W...Unknown Author
5022My Wood Fires and Their StoryUnknown Author
5998 Dictionnaire de L'ameubuement et de la D...Havard, Henry
6143Creators, Collectors and ConnoisseursVon Holst, Niels
6149An Encyclopaedia of AntiquesLewis Bond, Harold
6780CaneworkCrampton, Charles
6938Old Oak FurnitureRoe, Fred
7104 Nursery FurnitureUnknown Author
7419Hill Top Catalogue of Sale of the Antiqu...Unknown Author
7480Early English Furniture & Woodwork Vol. ...CESCINSKY, Herbert & Girbble, Ernest R.
7771 Illustrations of Furniture Maple Catalog...Unknown Author
7883The Book of Beds, Cots, Bedding and Othe...Unknown Author
7886The English Country ChairSparkes, Ivan
7918The English HomeYarwood, Doreen
7925 Art in England During the Elizabethan An...Vallance, Aymer
7997Treasures from Sussex HousesBickerton, L. M. (intro)
8078Art in England During the Elizabethan An...Vallance, Aymer
8107The Late Georgian Period 1760 - 1810Edwards, Ralph & Ramsey, L. G. G.
8108The Early Georgian Period 1714 - 1760Edwards, Ralph & Ramsey, L. G. G.
8109The Regency Period 1810 - 1830Edwards, Ralph & Ramsey, L. G. G.
8171Antiques and Their Values FurnitureCurtis, Tony
8181The Illustrated Guide to FurnitureBrunt, Andrew
9055English FurnitureRogers, C. John
9096English FurnitureRogers, C. John
9335 The Eighteenth Century English Furniture...Whittington, S.; Claxton Stevens, C.
9411Popular Antiques Yearbook: Trends and Pr...Mallalieu, Huon
9660 The Early Furniture of French CanadaPalardy, Jean
9943Garden Ornament: Five Hundred Years of N...Plumptre, George
10373Muebles e InterioresKettiger, Ernst & Vetter, Franz
10526 The London Weavers' Company Volume IConsitt, Frances
10643Garden Ornament: Five Hundred Years of N...Plumptre, George
10740Garden OrnamentJekyll, Gertrude & Hussey, Christopher
10859The Hamilton Palace Collection Illustrat...Unknown Author
10957Mackintosh FurnitureBillcliffe, Roger

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