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Book No. Title Author
734Trios Für Pianoforte, Violine Und Violon...Van Beethoven, Ludwig
737My Life of MusicWood, Henry J.
1778Chamber MusicJoyce, J.
3361Fairs Circuses & Music HallsDisher, M. Willson
3362New ZealandMarsh, Ngaio
3557Music Book Withlovely Coloured Frontis P...Weekes, J. G.
5892When the Music EndedTurner, Marjorie D
6033Sixteen SymphoniesShore, Bernard
6044Talking of MusicCardus, Neville
6083Going to a ConcertSalter, Lionel
6288A Preface to the Magic FluteBatley, E. M.
6846J.S. Bach (2 Vols)Schweitzer, Albert
6865 Dictionnaire De MusiqueRousseau, J. J.
7071MozartEinstein, Alfred
7072Debussy: His Life and Mind Vol OneLockspeiser, Edward
7074Sixteen SymphoniesShore, Bernard
7075The Oxford Book of CarolsDearmer, Percy et al.
7086A Day with Charles Francois GounodByron, May
7126The Scottish Melodist with Symphonies an...Kieser, J. G. (ed)
7324The Oxford Companion to MusicScholes, Percy A.
7424Old Violins and Their MakersFleming, James M.
7575Clair De Lune and Other Troubadour Roman...West, Michael
7932Music a Joy for LifeHeath, Edward
8213The Life of BeethovenMoschelles, Ignace
8247A Concise History of MusicLovelock, William
8419 A Dictionary of MusicBusby, Thomas
9102 The Story of the HarpW H Grattan Flood
9105 The Music of IndiaHerbert A Popley
9106 The Bassoon and ContrabassoonLyndesay G Langwill
9108 Researches Into the Early History of the...Carl Engel
9115 The Violincello: Its history, Selection ...Broadley, Arthur
9118The Piano HandbookMcCombie, Ian
9119Harmony: Its Theory and PracticeProut, Ebenezer
9120Memoirs of an Amateur MusicianFellowes, Edmund H.
9125The Amorous FluteManifold, John
9126Unfigured HarmonyBuck, Percy C.
9127Unsere MusikinstrumenteSchlosser, Julius
9144The Immortal Operas of Gilbert and Sulli...Lytton, Sir Henry
9145news-Chronicle Music for the HomeRonald, Sir Landon
9146'daily express' Community Song BookGoss, John
9170A Description and History of the Pianofo...Hipkins, A. J.
9765 Tortoise Shell Style Album (LSO Dinner m...Unknown Author
9886The Mirror of Music 1844 - 1944 (2 vols)Scholes, Percy A.
9922 Clair De Lune and Other Troubadour Roman...West, Michael
10032 The Life of Hayden in a Series of Letter...Bombert, L. A. C.
10067 Organs and Organ BuildingEdwards, C. A.
10092Conversations with MenuhinDubal, David
10109Musical InstrumentsEngel, Carl
10110A First Glimpse of Great MusicElliot, J. H.
10186Organs and Music Masters of Christ's Hos...Plumley, N.M.
10525Musical InstrumentsEngel, Carl
10905The Dome Volume 1 (Oct-Dec 1898)Unknown Author
10906The Dome Volume 2 (Jan-Mar 1899)Unknown Author
10998The DomeUnknown Author

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