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Book No. Title Author
15Great Rivers of EuropeBullock, Alan
21Splendours of the EastWheeler, Mortimer
255A Traveller in ItalyMorton, H.V.
257In Search of South AfricaMorton, H.V.
368ParisGeorge, André
376Over the ReefsGibbings, Robert
384Tenby: a Sea-side HolidayGosse, Phillip Henry
405In Search of South AfricaMorton, H.V.
421In Search of IrelandMorton, H.V.
422In Search of WalesMorton, H.V.
423In Search of ScotlandMorton, H.V.
475Switzerland and the Adjacent Portions of...Baedeker, K.
476FlorenceLabande, Y. & E-R.
484FlorenceLabande, Y. & E-R.
541Travel in England from Pilgrim and Pack-...Burke, Thomas
589Travel in England; from Pilgrim and Pack...Burke, Thomas
725 Switzerland Illustrated in a Series of V...Beattie, William
802Lovely is the LeeGibbings, Robert
866Florence and TuscanyWhelpton, Eric
1083Modern Egypt (2 vols)The Earl of Cromer
1749Travel in EnglandBurke, Thomas
1896The Railway Traveller's Handy Book of Hi...Simmons Jack
1954Emphemera of Travel & TransportAnderson, Janice & Swinglehurst, Edmund
1984Ephemera of Travel & TransportAnderson, Janice & Swinglehurst, Edmund
1989Transport in Ireland 1880-1910Flanagan, Patrick
2336The East India Company Trade and Conques...Wild, Anthony
2341Sinai and Palestine in Connection with T...Stanley, Arthur Renrhyn
2347The Legacy of GreeceLivingstone, R.W
2642Ephemera of Travel & TransportAnderson, Janice & Swinglehurst, Edmund
3641Journey with CaravelCarlisle, Fred
4970Travels to discover the Source of the Ni...Bruce, James
5004The Banks of the NileTodd, John A
5009A Hundred Year History of the Peninsular...Cable, Boyd
5011Roman Roads in Britain South of the Foss...
5465Killarney Land and LakeO'Cahill, Donal
5743News from the NorthNewman, Leslie. A
5744Perfume from the ProvenceFortescue, Lady
6144Highland HolidayPoucher, W. A.
6278Mountain Holidays in NorwayPrag, Per
6354 Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search o...Ross, Sir John
6359Travels in France During the Years 1787,...Young, Arthur
6436 The Villa Madama RomeGreenwood, W.E
6720Travel in EnglandBurke, Thomas
6889Canada West & Canada the New HomleandUnknown Author
6941South-Eastern France & The Rhine (2 Vols...Baedeker, Karl
6942SwitzerlandBaedeker, Karl
6943SwitzerlandBaedeker, Karl
6944SwitzerlandBaedeker, Karl
7137English LakelandGriffin, A.R
7148Incidents of Travel in Central America, ...Stephens, John L.
7242Matto Grosso AdventureMaufrais, Raymond
7243At the South PoleKingston, William H. G.
7244Travels in France and ItalyYoung, Arthur
7245The Travels of Marco Polo the VenitianMasefield, John
7373In Search of South AfricaMorton, H. V.
7392Florence and TuscanyLeprohon, Pierre
7430The Traveller's Handbook to SwitzerlandElston, Roy
7431The Traveller's Handbook to Milan and th...Elston, Roy
7432Northern Italy from the Alps to ProvenceMuirhead, L. Russell
7433Paris et Ses EnvironsMonmarche, Marcel
7434Paris and Its EnvironsBaedeker, Karl
7435Assorted Travel Guides: 'Muirhead's Norm...Various
7436Guide to Palestine and EgyptUnknown Author
7478Through NormandyMacQuoid, Katherine S.
7489The Isle of ManHammond, Reginald J. W.
7490In Search of EnglandMorton, H.V.
7500In Search of WalesMorton, H.V.
7501In Search of IrelandMorton, H.V.
7525The Open RoadLucas, E.V
7541Dangerous JourneysGarrett, Richard
7547A Traveller in Southern ItalyMorton, H.V.
7587A Wanderer in FlorenceLucas, E.V
7601The Reader's Digest Book of World TravelUnknown Author
7602L'alsace et Des VosgesLeprohon, Pierre
7695Through Ten English CountiesHissey, James John
7696A Leisurely Tour of EnglandHissey, James John
7740Illustrated Guide to the Bernese Oberlan...Unknown Author
7880The Traveller's CompanionBloomfield, Paul & Millicent
7899SwitzerlandHurlimann, Martin
7900FranceHurlimann, Martin
7901ItalyHurlimann, Martin
7902ItalyHurlimann, Martin
7903In Search of EnglandMorton, H.V.
7910Through Lands of the BibleMorton, H. V.
7911Middle EastMorton, H. V.
8116In Search of South AfricaMorton, H. V.
8124Reading and it Surroundings Homeland Han...Anderson, Arthur Henry
8155In Search of WalesMorton, H.V.
8156Austria, Together with Budapest, Prague,...Baedeker, Karl
8165In Search of South AfricaMorton, H. V.
8250With a Palette in Eastern PalacesMerrick, E. M.
8263 Chinese TurkestanChurch, Percy W,
8282 An Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour Roun...Turner, J M
8321The English Country CottageBrown, R. J.
8322Windmills of EnglandBrown, R. J.
8323English FarmhousesBrown, R. J.
8337Around the World in 80 DaysPalin, Michael
8338Pole to PolePalin, Michael
8389Wonders of ItalyFattorusso, Joseph
8390Wonders of ItalyFattorusso, Joseph

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