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Book No. Title Author
2300Transactions of the New York State Agric...Unknown Author
3355English FarmingRussel, Sir E. John
3424The Clifton Park System of FarmingElliot, Robert.H
4722Agriculture the Science and Practice of ...Watson, James A S
4768Economic Farm BuildingsLawrence, Charles P
4769Cattle and the Future of Beef - Producti...Mackenzie, K.J.J
4770Reflections of a Jersey BreederArkwright, B H G
4771The Farmers Magazine Vol 38 July to Dec ...Unknown Author
4772The Farmers Magazine Vol 6 July to Decem...Unknown Author
4773Delaval Lord Hastings and the Norfolk Ag...Ketton - Cremer, R W
4774British Husbandry Exhibiting the Farming...Unknown Author
4775The Horse with a Treatise on Draught and...Unknown Author
4776The Farmers Magazine Vol 5 Jan to June 1...Unknown Author
4777Elements of Agricultural Chemistry in a ...Davy, Humphry
4778Hannaboys FarmMack, Marjorie
4779The Story of the Agricultural Club 1918 ...Rew, Henry.R
4780Game Conservation in a Changing Countrys...Coles, C.L
4781The Improvement of Sow ProductivityUnknown Author
4782Changing in the FarmHennell,T
4783OvisUnknown Author
4784Forage Crops in DenmarkFaber, Harald
4785The Embryology of the PigPatten, Bradley.M
4786Northumberland Agriculture Experiment St...Unknown Author
4787The Small Farm and Its ManagementLong, James
4789Bibliography of Rural Land Economy and L...Denman, D R & Switzer, J F Q & Sawyer, O...
4894Systematic Small FarmingBurn, Robert. Scott
4899Talpa or the Chronicles of a Clay FarmC.W.H
4900Talpa: Or the Chronicles of a Clay FarmHoskyns, Chandos Wren
4901Husbandry Vol 3Unknown Author
4906Bailliere's Encyclopaedia of Scientific ...Hunter, Herbert
4909 Talpa or the Chronicles of a Clay FarmUnknown Author
4924My Farm in MiniatureMorland, George
4935The Abbotts FarmTanner, Henry
4936The Abbotts FarmTanner, Henry
4937Modern Rabbit HusbandryWilson, King. W
5569 The Farmer's Dictionary or a Cyclopaedia...Wilson, Rev. John M.
5596 A Complete System of Improved Live Stock...Dickson, R. W.
5887 A Complete Body of Husbandry; Containing...Hale, Thomas
6332The Future of AgricultureEasterbrook, L. F.
6740The Forgotten ArtsSeymour, John
7165Farm Gas Engines and TractorsJones, Fred R.
7204Norfolk LifeHaggard, H. Rider & Williamson, Henry
7777The Journal of the Royal Agricultural So...Unknown Author
7842The Use of FertilisersBarker, A. S.
7846Commercial Glasshouse CropsBewley, W. F.
9940The Drove Roads of ScotlandHaldane, A R B
10156Permanent and Temporary PasturesSutton, Martin J.
10171Farm Wagons and CartsArnold, James
11015The Land Magazine Christmas 1899Moran, J. A.

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