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Book No. Title Author
10 The Gardener's Assistant: Practical and ...Thompson, Robert
18The Book of FlowersCoats, Alice M.
197Flowers: The Story of Flowers, Plants an...Coats, Peter
198The World of RosesPark, Bertram
203The World of RosesPark, Bertram
204Dahlias, Their Care and CultivationDamp, Phillip
206Plant Portraits and Plant Names; Their M...Macself, A.J.
207Plant Portraits and Plant Names; Their M...Macself, A.J.
212TulipsJacob, Rev. Joseph
216Colour Schemes for the Flower GardenJekyll, Gertrude
220LiliesHyams, Edward & de Graaff Jan
221Flowering & Ornamental Shrubs: Their Cul...Weaver, Sidney
222Effective Flowering ShrubsHaworth-Booth, Michael
228Snowdrops and Snowflakes: a Study of the...Stern, F.C.
235Carnations, Pinks and All DianthusAllwood, Montagu C.
241Flowers & Colour in WinterSynge, Patrick M.
271Carnations for EverymanAllwood, Montagu C.
272Flowers in WinterSynge, Patrick M.
274Guide to RosesPark, Bertram
279Wild Flowers of the ChalkGilmour, John
288Flowers: The Story of Flowers, Pants and...Coats, Peter
291Flowers, a Garden Note Book with Suggest...Maxwell, Sir Herbert
292Garden FlowersGathorne-Hardy, Robert
297Carnations in Colour and CultivationMansfield, T.C.
304Wild Flowers and Their Wonderful Ways.Hall, Rev. Charles A.
309Unfamiliar Flowers for Your GardenDarnell, A W
316Wild FlowersPratt, Anne
317Our South African FloraCompton, R.H.
335 Asiatic Magnolias in CultivationJohnstone, G.H.
337The Book of RhododendronsKneller, Marianna
340Flower Grouping in English, Scotch and I...Waterfield, Margaret
346Flower Arranging in ColourMassingham, Betty
348Clematis: The Queen of ClimbersFisk, Jim
356The Family of FlowersAllan, Mea
360The Perfect Garden: How to Keep it Beaut...Wright, Walter P.
392Wild Flowers as They GrowClarke Nuttall, G.
399A Plantsman's Guide to DelphiniumsCooper, Leslie
416Flowers in WinterSynge, Patrick M.
433Modern RhododendronsCox, E.H.M. & Cox P.A.
438Some FlowersSackville-West, V
453Flowers of the MediterraneanPolunin, Oleg & Huxley, Anthony
456Everyman's Wild Flowers and TreesHadfield, Miles
462Carnations: In Colour and CultivationMansfield, T.C.
469Wild Flowers as They GrowClarke Nuttall, G.
470A Book About Roses, How to Grow and Show...Reynolds Hole, Rev. S.
616 Alpine Flowers and GardensFlemwell, G.
626Wild Flowers of the WorldMorley, Brian D.
655The Flowers of MayMabey, Richard
657The HydrangeasHaworth-Booth, Michael
661OrchidsO'Brian, James
662Roses in Colour and CultivationMansfield, T.C.
664Clematis; the Large and Small FloweredMarkham, Ernest
666An Album of Wild FlowersUnknown Author
668Alpines in Colour and CultivationMansfield, T.C.
669Perennials for Trouble-free GardeningBloom, Alan
719Perennials for Trouble Free GardeningBloom, Alan
809Carnations in Colour and CultivationMansfield, T.C.
860The Illustrated Book of Garden FlowersAnderon, E.B. Et al.
864The Hardy Flower BookJenkins, E
867A Book About Roses and How to Grow ThemReynolds Hole, Rev. S.
868The Plant-lore and Garden Craft of Shake...Ellacombe, Rev. Henry N.
881Shrubs in Colour and CultivationMansfield, T.C.
900The Book of Garden FlowersPhillips, G.A.R.
904Mountain Flowers in ColourHuxley, Anthony
921Our South African FloraCompton, R.H.
958Dried Flowers - the Art of Preserving an...de Yarburgh-bateson, Nina
963Be Your Own House Plant ExpertHessayon, Dr. D. G.
964Summer and Autumn FlowersSpry, Constance
966The DelphiniumBishop, Frank
967The Rose Annual 1967Unknown Author
969Annuals in Colour and CultivationMansfield, T.C.
976British Wild Flowers in Their Natural Ha...Horwood, a. R.
977The Clautius Botanical WatercoloursSwan, Claudia
1065Wild Flowers of the ChalkGilmour, John
1070The Rose Annual 1958Unknown Author
1071The Rose Annual 1961Unknown Author
1072The Rose Annual 1962Unknown Author
1073The Rose Annual 1963Unknown Author
1074The Rose Annual 1964Unknown Author
1075The Rose Annual 1967Unknown Author
1076The Rose Annual 1968Unknown Author
1371Flowers and Their HistoriesCoats, Alice M.
2304The British Museum Book of FlowersScott-James, Anne
2305David Sanders One Table List of Orchid H...Unknown Author
2312The Old Shrub RosesThomas, Stuart.Graham
2393Wayside & Woodland BlossomsStep, Edward
2395The Floral YearBrimble, L.J.F.
2396Flowers the Story of Flowers Plants and ...Coats, Peter
2398Beautiful Flowers and How to Grow Them V...Wright, Horace J & Wright, Walter P
3108 Old Garden Roses (2 volumes)Blunt, Wilfrid & Russell, James
3116William Morris By HimselfMorris, William
3118The Rothschild Rhododendrons a Record of...Phillips, C E & Barber, P N
3423The Culture of Flowers from Seeds and Bu...Kemp Toogood, E
3426Alpines in Colour and CultivationMansfield, T.C
3438Peeps at Nature Wild Flowers and Their W...Hall, Charles A.
3449 Wild Flowers As They Grow 3 VolumesEssenhigh Corke, H.
3450Carnations and All DianthusAllwood, Montagu C
3457An Amateur Gardening Encyclopaedia Flowe...Hellyer, A.G.L
3532How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers a...Williams Wood, Robert
3555Wayside and Woodland BlossomsStep, Edward

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