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Book No. Title Author
10 The Gardener's Assistant: Practical and ...Thompson, Robert
12The English GardenHyams, Edward
13Great Gardens of BritainCoats, Peter
14Giardini D'ItaliaMassoni, Georgina
16The English GardenHyams, Edward
17The English GardenHyams, Edward
23The Gardens of England, in the Southern ...Holme, Charles
24The Gardens of England in the Northern C...Holme, Charles (ed)
26The Genius of the Place, The English Lan...Dixon Hunt, John & Willis, Peter
28Japanese Gardens, Right Angle and Natura...Nitschke, GŁnte
194Lanning Roper and His GardenBrown, Jane
195The Englishwoman's GardenLees-Milne, Alvilde & Verey, Rosemary
196The English GardenFleming, Laurence & Gore, Alan
200Great Gardens of BritainCoats, Peter
205The Scented GardenVerey, Rosemary
208The Rothschild Rhododendrons: a Record o...Lucas-Phillips, C.E. & Barber, Peter N.
210Creating Period GardensBanks, Elizabeth
224Gardens of EuropeJellicoe, Geoffrey
225Our National Heritage: GardensHatt, Ella
226The Gardens of Buckingham PalaceCoats, Peter
229My Garden's Choice of Rock Plants, Trees...Stephens, Theo A. & Johnson, A.T.
234The English Rock Garden (Both Volumes)Farrer, Reginald
237The Salad GardenLarkcom, Joy
238The Herb GardenGarland, Sarah
239Pleasures and Treasures: GardensHadfield, Miles
240Gardens of DelightSinclair Rohde, Eleanour
243Gardens of a Golden Afternoon: The Story...Brown, Jane
246The Modern GardenTaylor, Geoffrey
247The Sunday Times Gardening BookRoper, Lanning
248The English GardenFleming, Laurence & Gore, Alan
252Eminent Gardeners: Some People of Influe...Brown, Jane
253The Speaking GardenHyams, Edward
289 Gardens of EnglandCook, E.T.
290Gardens of DelightHadfield, Miles & John
293The Gardener's AlbumVarious
294Plants That Changed Our GardensAllan, Mea
295More for Your GardenSackville-West, V
298The English GardenHyams, Edward
299The Well-tempered GardenLloyd, Christopher
300Foliage PlantsLloyd, Christopher
301The Covered GardenLemmon, Kenneth
302No Ordinary Gardener: Thomas Knowlton, 1...Henrey, Blanche
303The Little Garden: A Book for Those with...Taylor, George M.
310The Secrets of Many GardensMartineau, Mrs Philip
318Book of the English GardenBisgrove, Richard
319Regency GardensBatey, Mavis
320A Glossary of Garden HistorySymes, Michael
327Italian Gardens of the RenaissanceShepherd, J.C. & Jellicoe, G.A.
329Irish GardensHyams, Edward
331When I Make a Garden.Hancock, Ralph
332Modern Gardens: British & ForeignCane, Percy S.
336 Flora and Sylva: A Monthly Review for Lo...Robinson, W.
340Flower Grouping in English, Scotch and I...Waterfield, Margaret
343Devon Gardens: An Historical SurveyPugsley, Steven
345Gardens of the National TrustStuart Thomas, Graham
350The Gardens in the Royal Park at WindsorRoper, Lanning
351 Oxford's College GardensSinclair Rohde, Eleanour
354English Gardens and Landscapes: 1700 - 1...Hussey, Christopher
357Irish GardensHyams, Edward
364Garden Open TodayNichols, Beverley
377Dorset, Hampshire and The Isle of WightPaterson, Allen
390E.A. Bowles and His Garden at Myddelton ...Allan, Mea
393A Chalk GardenStern, F.C.
397Garden Making By ExampleTaylor, Geoffrey
401 The Charm of GardensCalthrop, Dion Clayton
402Complete Guide to Home GardensJames, M.
407Rock Gardens and Alpine Plants Including...Sanders, T.W.
408Rock Gardening for AmateursThomas, H.H.
424Inverewe; a Garden in the North-west Hig...Cowan, May
431Medieval English GardensMcLean, Teresa
435Surrey GardensParker, Eric
444We Made a GardenFish, Margery
447The Shell Gardens BookHunt, Peter
448The Shell Gardens BookHunt, Peter
457 Gardens Old and New: The Country House a...Various
458Gardens Old and New: The Country House a...Various
466A Paradise Out of a Common Field: The Pl...Morgan, Joan & Richards, Alison
467Rock Gardens: How to Plan and Plant Them...Edwards, A.
471Gardens of DelightSinclair Rohde, Eleanour
596The Charm of GardensCalthrop, Dion Clayton
616 Alpine Flowers and GardensFlemwell, G.
617 Gardens of EnglandCook, E.T.
618 The Garden That I LoveAustin, Alfred
624Modern Gardens: British & ForeignCane, Percy S.
649The Town GardenSudell, Richard
650Modern Private GardensJellicoe, Geoffery & Susan
652 Medieval Gardens: 'flowery medes' and Ot...Crisp, Sir Frank
653Garden OrnamentJekyll, Gertrude & Hussey, Christopher
660The Shell Gardens BookHunt, Peter
667Garden GloryHumphris, Ted
670The English Landscape GardenClark, H.F.
673The Kitchen GardenLyte, Charles
674The Latest Country GardensPlumptre, George
687A Woodland GardenJohnson, A.T.
688The Gardens of Britain 4. Kent, East 7 W...Wright, Tom
690Variations on a GardenLane Fox, Robin
724The Gardens of England in the Midland & ...Holme, Charles
834English GardensAvray Tipping, H.
838 Gardens Old and New: The Country House a...Avray Tipping, H.
854The Latest Country GardensPlumptre, George

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